Multi-tasking- training, toning and tanning...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wow, only a few days to go!

I can't believe how quickly it has all come around, i remember being so enthusiastic just after last years HAWC and starting going to the gym, intending to run the whole damn thing! HA! AS for my dilema about running/walking etc i have decided to just take it as it comes... I do want to run a bit of it, so i might start off at a slow jog but so i'm fairly close to the big group of Angels at the back. Then hopefully i will have enough energy to run the last straight, and be waiting at the end to see Emily lead her Angels over the finish line! Fingers crossed!

As for the training, went running yesterday and did an extra lap of the field and didn't stop (quite often i have to pause to get my breath back) so i was very pleased with that! I am walking into Kingston today, which is really quite a long way, but i think Abi and I plan to get a bus if we can't manage the whole way. However we really want to do it, with the promise of Shakeaways at the other end!!!

Anyway i am getting very excited about Sunday! Unfortunately i haven't really got any sponsorship of my own yet, but i'm hoping to make a lot when i get back to school (i go to a kinda snooty grammar where most of the teachers are really quite rich; and owe me something as i have worked my arse off there for the past five years).

Anyway, if i don't post again, see you on Sunday!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

And again, no commitment to the blog.... fortunately there has been slightly more commitment to the training, but only slightly. I've just spent three weeks with my family in the very far, and very frozen North. (a lovely (?!) place called Redcar just north of Yorkshire). Well in that whole three weeks i went running twice (oh dear. oh dear oh dear oh dear); so i was feeling very unmotivated to go back to stage one yet again!

So i procrastinated for another week, my excuse being i was to worried about GCSE results, then being too busy celebrating. (Incidentally, i needn't to have worried... Straight A*'s !!!!!!!!!! Sorry, just had to brag about that!) However, Satruday came and i got up bright an early (well 9am) and went for a run. I did the same route as normal, but i was too tired to run any of the way back, which was dissapointing.

When i woke up this morning i laid in bed for nearly an hour debating whether to throw the towel in or not., but thankfully got up and went running. I am feeling very pleased now because i pushed myself really hard and ran a bit more than usual. Yay! i am also very pleased because i've lost a bit of weight, not a lot, only a pound or two, but yay anyway!

Hmm i debated for a long time whether to write that or not, incase i send anyone into a blind panick that i am becoming anorexic, which couldn't be further from the truth, i'm already looking forward to my chococolate ice cream after lunch! It's not like i need to lose weight, but in a strange way i enjoy doing it... it makes me feel really body confident, which i'm not normally. And seeing as i have never lost or gained more than half a stone, it's can only be doing good if i'm eating more veg and less chocolate!

i realise that little anecdote really had no point, but heyho. By the way, fellow Emily's angels, how much do you think you'll be able to run on sunday? becuase i have made a song and dance for ages about wanting to be able to run at least some of it, and at the moment i really don't know if i will be able to. Normally when i go running i run for between 30 secs and a minute, then wlak for about the same amount of time. however, my runs only last about 15 minutes, so theres no way i will be able to do 5k. Hmm....

Well this post is far too long and pointless, so i shall go now, maybe by the next time i post i will have decided how to tackle Sunday... Not long now!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Have just got back from my run, and although i didn't do as well as the last time i blogged, i still did it so wahoo! However, i feel it is time to have a little moan about something which is really beginning to bug me... Dog walkers. aaah yes, this collectiopn of seemingly innocent people; at peace with the world, enjoying a leisurely morning stroll... and letting their bloody pets chase me and snap around my ankles! Its soooo annoying! I realise i sound a bit like the grinch (yes i do realise its the middle of June and not Christmas), so lets move on to happier things.

I went to see Emily (as in Emily's Angels) in hospital yesterday and was muchly happy to see how much better she looked. For those of you who don't know, her lung collapsed last week and we were all very worried... When i saw her a few days later her face had swollen leaving her looking rather like a chipmunk (The doctors words, not mine!) Anyway she was looking far less like a chipmunk and far more like a princess yesterday... which i tried to show in a playdough model, only she ended up looking more like Shrek with a hard hat on. Damn. Back to the point, she seems much more like herself (hence the ordering us to make playdough models of her!). So a big well done to Em for getting those naughty lungs on the road to recovery.

More updates soon,

Friday, July 28, 2006

OOooh dear serious lack of commitment to the blog! woopsie! Well when i wrote that last blog (yes, all those thousands of years ago) i had just started on my training for the hydro active womens challenge (HAWC) in Septmber. Well to begin with, this was the first time i had done any exercise for months, due to GCSEs and plain laziness, so it came as quite a shock to me quite how unfit i was! I tried to go running every morning and after about two days i decided i really didn't wnat to do any training at all, i was burning and not tanning and deffinitely not toning. So that was it.

I then departed for a fantastic two week holiday in Cyprus, during which i ate a ludicrous amount of food; but did regret having given up so easily... I also did quite a bit of swimming, and really enjoyed not only the exercise but the proud feeling afterwards. I also began to notice a slight change in my legs and they began to feel like they actually contained some muscle.

I am now back in good old England and training has resumed! I have been going for a run every other morning and i am feeling so proud of myself for keeping it up (okay its only been a week so far but heyho)! I'm still not fit in any sense of the word, but this morning i managed to run a little bit further without having to walk for a while. I jog around this field near my house and normally i run the long sides then walk the short sides, but today i managed to run two long sides and one short side before i needed to walk for a while! yay! I also sprinted a bit at the end, which was really good as it left me on a high (its a natural hiiiiiiiiiigh...).

I am going away again next week up to my family just north of Yorkshire, where i usually become a couch potato and sit around eating and watching daytime TV, but hopefully i will be able to keep up with the running... as its only a month till the HAWC... aaaaaaaaah! Wish me luck, or even better sponser me at

Anyway i will be off now, as its eviction night on BB, but i promise to post again soon... And i shall tell you a little bit more what has really inspired me to start training again (i mean apart from all the donoughts consumed in Cyprus).


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lets start with a brief intro... my name is Freya and i am nearly 16 (three weeks!!!) and basically this blog is about my training for the HydroActive Womens Challenge, which i am running on September 3rd... Its a 5k run around Hyde Park, and i am running with team Emily's Angels to "See of CF."

I am running for a very special person, namely Miss Emily Thackray, who i have know since i was really rather tiny! She is my best friends sister and is currently waiting for a double lung transplant, as a result of CF.

Anyway this blog is basically a place for me to tell you all about how my training is going, as until yesterday it really hasn't been going anywhere at all. i probably wont be going on too much about me, so if you want to know more (who wouldn't!), check out my myspace blog at

I have been reading other people's training blogs for a while now and think it is a rather good idea; and hopefully it will be quite motivational...

Well thats all for now, i shall tell you about my first few sessions next time!